Luanne Lowe – New Jersey’s First Female Police Officer

Ms. Luanne Lowe was New Jersey’s first female police officer, passing both the written and physical tests. She was the only female, (of the 51 women who applied) to pass the men’s “physical” part of the test in 1972. Chin-ups were part of the required exam for the men and the women. Luanne, (then a trained karate enthusiast) passed this part of the testing as it put an end to the other female applicants chances of finishing the exam.  CLICK HERE to view News Articles for all the FACTS!


22 year old Luanne on graduation day – Essex County police Acadamy 1973, (left) and today, the mother of 3 children – 2012, (right).


NEWS ARTICLES PROVE FACT Luanne was the FIRST in NJ… view more facts

“Sissy Scores on Police Test” – By Monica Maske


Luanne was also the first female police officer on the entire east coast to patrol on a solo motorcycle. This was a confirmed fact in a NJ dept of Transportation study.


Luanne on a Harley Davidson in 1975 (left) – and today she still rides her own 2005 Harley “Screaming Eagle” Electric-Glide. 2012 (right).

Ms. Lowe was also the first female firearms instructor in the state of New Jersey.

Luanne was on the job at East Orange, NJ in 1973. Visit today’s East Orange Police Dept.

The wording on police nametags was permanently changed once Luanne came on the job. Previously reading “patrolman”, the wording was changed to “Police Officer”.


Today, Luanne is a volunteer first responder on the Lambertville-New Hope Ambulance & Rescue Squad. Visit the squad website.

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